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1991 - 2000

1991 - 2000

It all started in Milan in 1991 when two catering professionals with long international experience and a chartered accountant founded the first banqueting company in the city. The initials of the names of the three founders form the acronym AFM. Before that, banqueting services were carried out by pastry shops or by company catering companies: AFM immediately focused on specialization, offering professionalism and new quality standards. The first customers are the big fashion houses (Krizia, Gianfranco Ferrè and Gianni Versace) followed by Formula 1, which since 1995 has entrusted AFM with the management of services at the Monza Grand Prix. During the 1997 edition AFM serves 10,000 guests in 2 days, using 800 waiters, 180 cooks and 80 generics: it is the consecration.

Everything starts in Milan

2000 - 2010

2000 - 2010

The growth of AFM is constant: every year between 500 and 600 services are realized, including coffee breaks, business lunches, cocktails and placee dinners. The Milanese banqueting company is thus ensured the exclusivity of some of the city's most spectacular locations: from the Sala delle Cariatidi in Palazzo Reale to Villa Necchi-Campiglio, from Palazzo Bovara to the Terrazza Martini, from Villa Mozart to Palazzo Castiglioni. Fashion continues to be a reference sector, it is in these years the management of services for the Gucci and Prada showrooms, in addition to the automotive sector (Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes and Tesla) and that of design with the Salone del Mobile that is experiencing a phase of considerable development. In 2008, after years of constant growth, AFM Banqueting changed ownership.

Winning new goals

2010 - today

2010 - Today

AFM rationalizes its organization by dedicating a specific division to the wedding sector, which acquires the exclusive rights to Villa Pizzo in Cernobbio on Lake Como, where wedding banquets are held for an international audience. Banqueting services for corporate events continue to represent the core-business of the company that obtains the exclusive management of two important milanese locations such as Palazzo Mezzanotte - Borsa Italiana and Museo Diocesano. In 2011 AFM received the Design Award from the prestigious international magazine Wallpaper for finger food created for the Prada Spring-Summer fashion show. In 2018, one of the three founding partners is part of the AFM corporate structure with the aim of transmitting a new interpretative creed to accompany the company in the third millennium.

The journey continues

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